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UPDATE Oct 2019 - Our little NOTbaby is 4 months old now! For those who have asked, I’ve put together aNOTbaby List of products that have worked out well for us from Pregnancy to Baby(并会不断更新,因为我们进步!) - 这是一个亚马逊的子公司店面,因为我们一直在使用过程中耗尽亚马逊大量的便利!子公司收入的微小%是通过来自任何购物NOTbaby List将用于尿布和更多宝贝货!

Ooh it has been a while - nearly a year and a half of resisting internet brain dumps and oversharing. So i figured, today is as good a day as any to give things a try and see how it still feels… after all, i feel like there’s a basketball in my belly and typing seems better than waddling about. In a nutshell,必威体育网站NOTCOT.orgis still where i’ve been sharing random inspiration daily (and it too has had some changes), Shawn and i are still a pair of creative junkies (though we’ve been channeling our creative energies towards secret projects!) and we’ve since gotten married and have a baby boy on the way (he could pop out any day now? or maybe a month from now?)… and the biggest shift has ultimately been taking (giving myself?) time away from oversharing on the internet after a decade and a half or so to finding the headspace to reassess where i’m at and what i want next!

All in all, i’m now 36 weeks pregnant with a belly that looks like it engulfed a basketball, and from what i hear… going through labor and raising a newborn will produce some fantastic chemicals that may make one crazy enough to consider going through this whole pregnancy process AGAIN… so before that happens, it seemed like a good time to round up some thoughts, products, and other silliness before i forget it all!

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First posted in Sept, but then i got excited for a little burst again… but trying again for the new year? If you want to talk about what’s next, have a fun project to work together on (design, real estate, etc.)…ping me!而同样的声明代表,我当我尝试这样做敢肯定,我要跨越的东西吹拂我的心灵跌倒,我必须告诉你吗?

Hi there. Let’s make this official - i’m taking a break from the bloggy part of NOTCOT! (Insert deep sigh of relief?) It’s been 12 and a bit years, and life has taken so many twists and turns and it’s been a roller coaster ride around the world and internet - so, THANK YOU to all of you who joined the ride! Until the last year or so, everything that i found and loved i shared here… my brain has been a design junkie for 3 decades!

As someone that craves newness like no other… it was inevitable that i’d need to keep shaking things up in my life, and lately that has turned to other projects and endeavors that are less internet-shareable (for the moment.)

所以……我马上就回来。可能明天。可能是298days from now. Your guess is as good as mine? But first things first, i’m officially saying i’m on a break from blogging. Let’s see where that leads.

If you’re curious what i’m up to, or want to collaborate or brainstorm or make amazing things together -let’s talk?我仍然快乐地做着NOTlabs事情和房地产的事情,......好了不少其他的事情呢!

然后再次…头以上NOTCOT.ORGFOR INSPIRATION OVERLOADS UPDATED DAILY!(It’s business as usual over there! and to be honest, it’s really hard to break the daily habit of sharing things that inspire me!)

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2017年在NOTCOT.org必威体育网站 100强

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2018 is finally here!!! Happy New Year ~ may 2018 be all we hope it will be and more!

Here are the top 100 from 2017 on必威体育网站NOTCOT.org〜点击方块,以了解更多!

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当一个神秘的包裹与可爱的狗插图的录像带后和巴基冲到它(并不会息事宁人) - 你知道它的好东西!我们刚刚收到的最可爱的惊喜来自TCB工作室(which stands for Taking Care of Business Elvis & Aretha style) is the brainchild of佘诗曼彩in collaboration with illustratorAnnie J Lim. From instagram, it looks like Charmaine has been busy silk screening all the goodies with her adorable pups (Elvis & Aretha!) in their adorable Cold Spring, NY home! Take a peek at all the goodies from wrapping paper and print, to tote bag and notebooks… and the pb+apple treats bucky sniffed right out on the next page…

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Apple Store Offline Exclusives


If you find yourself in or near Cupertino, and either are or know an Apple fanatic… it’s worth popping into BOTH the newApple Park Visitors Storeand theOne Infinite Loop Store礼品和离线独家产品......从T恤和手提袋,到帽子,婴儿连体衣,日本波佐见瓷器杯,存储卡,明信片,iphone匹配金属笔,膨胀水壶,笔记本电脑等等。当然还有他们都是包装精美的礼物完美的准备。无论出于何种原因,两家店有非常不同的产品,所以它的有看头都 - 而苹果公园是一个惊人的空间去看看,无限循环最好的产品。(请谨记,产品似乎旋转,在该地区时,可能是值得这么停?)看看我们本周发现有下页!必威体育网站

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Unboxing: YETI Loadout Bucket


在令人惊讶的生日礼物,刚收到YETI装车斗完成与caddyandand i must say… who knew i could be SO excited about a BUCKET?!?!?! Like all things YETI, all items feel over designed (physically + graphically) in a fantastic way. Non slip, food safe, super strong, comfy handle… every detail has been carefully thought through. Even amazing little details like the super strong lid that basically looks like a giant version of what you’d find on theirRambler tumblers(但具有超强hexs!)...和球童有下拉,所以你可以把盖子上的手柄!And while you can use the bucket for everything you can think of (and they have quite the list of ideas too - be it for fishing, hunting, camping, brewing and beyond…) it’s also functionally solid enough i’m currently using it as a stool/storage/side table in the living room. Even the packaging of the accessories is impressively over designed! Take a look at all the details on the next page.

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Tiffany Bozic: Spectrum


Tiffany Boziccreates breathtaking paintings of surreal creature juxtapositions. Her book,得出的本能,她的作品2003-2011的集合,是在我的书架上的最爱!我只是碰到她的最新演出来了,频谱在约书亚班轮图库and the use of acrylic on maple panel look breathtaking! The way she works the creatures in and out of the grains of the wood… stunning! Take a look at some of my favorites on the next page!

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这是一个小会儿,因为我已经看到漂浮饲料的画廊展览的图片和思想 - OMG,我需要去看看!好Yoskay山本闲居展示在GR2did just that, and we luckily happened to wander by after dinner on the closing day of the show! TheSunset Village with Lavender Mooninstallation steals the show. (Even though previous photos made me expect to walk into a room FILLED with MUCH larger little houses!!! Which would still be an incredible exhibition that i would definitely HAVE to see.) Beyond the gorgeous palette, there are so many delicate and precise details that pull you in - from the shingles on the roof to the grain in the wood… i couldn’t stop staring, and even had to remind myself to snap a few pictures so i could remember it forever. Take a look on the next page!

p.s. I’m not sure if it’s the residential real estate projects we’ve been working on lately, or just thinking about single family homes and researching so many aspects of them daily… but definitely feeling extra drawn to the mix of art + houses! Now i’m itching to make minis of our actual houses… or paint one inspired by these!

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Gift guides often get so formal with the categories and over-simplification of your recipient’s interests… or they push things people want you to buy so hard. This is more just a list of awesome stuff we like that you COULD give someone - or buy for yourself. The only criteria? We like it.


此外...甚至更多随机的想法 - 我慢慢加入的东西,我们有/爱这个NOTCOT AMAZON SHOP(如果是的,我们做的便士对美元掉你买东西,但我们分享,因为我们沉迷于总理的即时满足,真用,不是你的便士。虽然每一分钱有助于我国总理瘾?)

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怎样才能当你看到与他们的头花和叶做出来的党的帽子一堆现实的小鸟,你不笑呢?我们收到的一个薇薇索耶的playfully illustrated bird party cards a while back, and i only just dove into the rest of her work! It turns out she has quite the line of cards, placemats, place cards, and even a coloring book with Nashville based,Hester & Cook, and she is actually based right in Franklin, TN! In addition to birds, you’ll find lots of other creatures ~ from dogs to sheep to pigs and more, also, of course, with fun hats and accessories. Additionally, her artwork has beenlicensed on other productsas well, from embroidery kits to mugs and more. She has also created三方鸟充满书which can be ordered in print or digital forms.

但首先,来看看一些自己喜欢的Hester & Cook by Vicki Sawyerpicks on the next page!

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ORCA Chasertini

chasertini00.jpgWhat do you get someone who has everything… loves fishing, the great outdoors, and an ice cold martini? TheORCA Chasertini!它本质上是一个马提尼酒杯是否满足超级侮辱旅行杯满足......中世纪圣杯?



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Jet.comgoes private label with their latest line独特Ĵ. Whether the products are any good - i have no idea, BUT the packaging! It’s bold, super graphic, and you can’t help but take notice (whether you love it or hate it - running it by friends, i’ve gotten both responses. It’s certainly polarizing!) Personally, thehousehold cleanersgrab me the most… then the skull graphic on the咖啡豆荚… then the playfulgeneric-Ziploc /垃圾袋s盒的图形。在明确产品的脆单色模式是一个清新的感觉了个精光。该purple plaidon the paper goods are a bit intense for me though. The packaging was designed by爱姆伍德that has a great独特ĴCase Study向上。


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Nucleus x Brendan Monroe Growler


我爱Brendan Monroe的斑点......尤其是壁画!黑色和白色的脆度有这么多的流动性组合!而且它是在这个如此有趣收藏咆哮的核波特兰!Are growlers going to be the new t-shirt or tote bag? While i can’t stop staring into the gif above… see more details on the next page!

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托台!Tables where the top is a removable tray. SO simple. SO basic. And you can really just take a tray you already have and love and give it some legs and call it a tray table. Lately i found myself loving some basic, minimal IKEA ones, and it sent me down a path researching some other clean, simple versions as well… so naturally, i couldn’t help making a post to share what i found (and keep track of some of the ones i liked!) Check them out on the next page!

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IKEA Vinter 2017 Gift Wrapping


在可爱至极,幸福,喜庆的事情(尽管它的10月中旬,感觉太早了圣诞节) - 对面的假期来显示在宜家,和IKEA Vinter 2017 collection礼品包装的让我微笑!在开玩笑毛茸茸侏儒/精灵/圣诞老人的家伙太搞笑和寒冷的林地生物只是太可爱了!从兔子的波浪叉鹿角驼鹿的弹出眼睛和宁静的鹿和熊和更多...偷看我的下一个页面上的收藏夹!必威体育网站

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