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虽然朋友不断地问有什么事纳什维尔,我的爱(超越肖恩的家人在那里,他已经长大betway必威官方网站了那里)〜这个飞行家帮我意识到这是一个伟大的逃跑!这是一个了不起的城市,这么多的增长之中,他们的气势和变化率已经感染。It’s that perfect scale of small enough to keep up with what’s new (even from afar) and big enough to constantly find new things… and the real estate market is booming (still!) There’s been non stop construction on every scale for the last few years, a few new hotels (from luxury boutiquey artsy ones to mega business traveler hotels) each trip, so many new restaurants and shops, and it feels like a new neighborhood emerges each trip (realtors and developers just keep coming up with new names?) Getting to catch up on their complex history, while exploring the present state of things (growing pains and all), and diving in to understand the future of Nashville has been quite the hyper-speed education. I’ve learned more about how a city grows and evolves from the cultural, political, and financial aspects the last few years than ever before… and while i’m not sure how it all fits in with the NOTCOT side of my brain quite yet, i’m sure it will all make sense soon! But for now, buying houses we adore (that need some love, but have so much potential) have been our little way of investing in the future of where this amazing city is going.

As for the more NOTCOT side of things… while it’s fun to see all the new shops/design projects emerging, much of it does seem to reflect things you can find all over the world (from the hipster coffee shops to the boutiques that seem better at instagram than face to face customer service to the reclaimed wood/tile overdoses) - but what most inspires me are the products and experiences that are uniquely Nashville… and that seems to come in the form of nice people, great food, and lively music (and the Predators!) The real trick with visiting Nashville lately, seems to be unearthing the older hidden gems before they might disappear!


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虽然汽车设计/技术是乐趣和启发,我总是开车的爱胜过一切看起来和统计信息。有一些事情能够只是DRIVE ...betway必威官方网站...未必一定你要去的地方,或当你到达那里,或者是什么you'l沿途lfind。该选项将采取随机的道路,退出,或打开一个心血来潮,或者按照路标的可能性,或现在与导航/在你的口袋谷歌地图 - 点有趣的东西,只是瞄准它!在自主汽车的世界里,会发生什么?将一个客场之旅依旧的冒险可能吗?会不会有“让我感到惊讶”模式?

但我离题 - 当我看到Frizzi Frizzi的曲线上的帖子- 一个致力于“深情驾驶”,充满了地图杂志,停止,不仅驾驶者的道路的观点甜美的照片,但也优美的曲线充满道路的鸟瞰图......我必须知道更多!所以我拿起加州和西西里(我的两个最喜欢的史诗客场之旅的斑点!)问题曲线杂志看看他们是如何在人......他们是惊人的鼓舞。对于已驱动的道路,它就像充满了驾驶的记忆时间胶囊...道路尚未经历,它就像一本指南!而对于扶手椅旅客谁喜欢的意见,而没有在车上多的时间 - 这是一个窥视到一个惊人的冒险。


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伯纳德斯Lodge&Spa酒店 - 卡梅尔,CA


从快速去了海岸刚刚复出,以满足朋友和尝试新的别墅套房在伯纳德斯Lodge&Spa酒店在卡梅尔谷!各种(急需)暴雨期间,我们得到了一个可爱的阳光明媚的周末,哄抬加州,探索卡梅尔/大苏尔,最重要的是放松,追赶,在美味的葡萄酒,温泉贴身护理,和愚蠢的悠闲之类的活动地掷球和槌球!此外 - 在每套房的3个壁炉和火坑之间通过在整个财产卷起,连寒冷的晚上很舒适。葡萄园和高尔夫球场之间塞进卡梅尔谷,你大约20分钟到可爱的卡梅尔通过海。betway必威官方网站我已经被撕试图决定如何与您分享,但总体而言,有这么多可爱的细节(浴室中的壁炉意见的星星!!!) - 这里来看看我最喜欢的部分。至于我是否会推荐伯纳德斯Lodge&Spa酒店- 我不知道,我们也有一堆的卡在我的头奇怪的时刻,但填补你在那几个版本。现在 - 在下次页面上的景象!必威体育网站

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我不能停止的这个惊人的照片凝视Rumpl火焰兵褪色普菲- 这些颜色!那茂密的森林!不能否认的是,色彩搭配的是流直接进入对方的色彩明亮的流行音乐和照片惊人的尖叫!(对于您的Instagram /照片痴迷的朋友AKA完美的礼物?)另外,海洋褪色的布鲁斯只是mesmerizingly漂亮呢!如此诱人 - 这些特殊Rumpl褪色普菲扔毛毯独家REI。I’m currently curled up in our Rumpl Down Puffy (which is SO warm, almost too warm for me when it’s not winter) as i write this, and dreaming up how fun the Faded Puffies would be on our adventures (or wrapped up under the tree for our adventurous friends!)… see more pics on the next page!

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这可能是最后一次更新的房子之前透露!我们认为接近拥有它全部完成!细分终于在和接受,我们只是在等待他们登记的聚酯薄膜!我们开车出去3个月前买的房子,现在我们几乎头球破门洛杉矶有房子,两块土地!这是超现实的 - 而是一个学习的经验地狱。我们采取了在这个项目上没有捷径可走,真正鸠学习尽可能合理的 - 我们开玩笑说,它已经纳什维尔实习的夏天!但是,我们要回家与远更多的知识和经验,我们只是瘙痒适用于我们更多的创意项目来的!因此,需要在最新更新的房子偷看和下一个页面上一些其他的纳什维尔随机性!必威体育网站

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是的 - 这里的另一个我们的纳什维尔+项目众议院的Instagram充满更新之一, but less house this time, as we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern and needed a bit of a break as we wait for flooring to arrive, and we focused on sorting out surveying, prepping for a planning commission meeting, hiring a gardener and more. The in betweens house work however, have been filled with more natural inspiration (the colors here are SO different from LA!), more attempts to find new shops and spots that inspire, and diving into the history of Nashville through vintage maps!!! Ready to take a peek? To the next page!

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这是过去几个月(?!?!?!)在这里纳什维尔是一个真正的眼图张开的冒险。不幸的是,我们已经花时间解决一个少视觉激励过程近期NOTCOT纳什维尔工程院站 - 这样的职位已经额外稀疏,因为我们通过它艰难的工作打下这么多的创造性潜力的基础!必威体育网站我有多大的可能性酿造漂亮头晕,但首betway必威官方网站要的事情。Got to get the house cleaned up and the basics covered… including diving into adventures with the metro government, planning commissions, and the bureaucratic world we’re catching up fast on (sink or swim, right?) Also, the more time spent in a city of this scale, the longer we’re here, the faster we blast through the exciting new inspiration to share, and currently my real world inspiration seems to be lots of details in nature and street art (as you can see via@NOTlabs的Instagram) While some might see this hands-on-creative-inspiration drought as a travesty, i’ve been surprised and delighted that it has sparked even MORE ideas, MORE drive, and MORE clarity regarding what we’re itching to design and create - SOON! So don’t worry, more crazy fun and back to normal after this summer vacation house adventure!

它也已经在现实世界中一个奇怪的几个星期。宠物小精灵。RNC。DNC。Prisma的。在世界各地和许多令人心碎的攻击。奇怪的时间肯定。所以,如果你已经准备好 - 潜水在接下来的页面上看到发生了什么一直保持我必威体育网站忙和鼓舞IRL。

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是的,不管你信不信,我们在纳什维尔还在 - 现在依然快乐,累死了,我们的工作离烟头在NOTCOT纳什维尔项目楼!必威体育网站它已经这样一个有趣的冒险 - 建筑等夏令营?还是喜欢承包商学徒?It’s been a such a fun way to get out of our heads, escape our stresses, and just dive in head first on a new project that is so physically and mentally challenging… all while exploring and distracting myself with all the newness to discover and get inspired by in a new city. Even though Shawn grew up here - this city is changing SO fast, there’s lots i’m dragging him around to discover too! So between the posts i’ve shared so far, here’s a look at some of the smaller inspirations and discoveries since the last@NOTlabs Instagram的纳什维尔后的启示...参见下页上的冒险!必威体育网站

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实地考察!我们一直试图混淆了建筑工人的时间表,并从纳什维尔项目众议院体力劳动疲惫迷你冒险保留随机灵感流淌......今天,我相信肖恩到挥杆的品牌新纳什维尔工艺酒厂!建筑和标志就足以单独引起我们的注意......但一旦你进入车内,上世纪中期设计灵感不断,一个惊人的铜仍然会催眠,然后有他们的第一个精神 - 一个真正独特的裸体饼干!不同于我已经尝过 - 它是由100%纯高粱糖浆制成的45证据精神。我被抓到了高粱 - “甜高粱甘蔗已在田纳西州种植了好几代。不像甘蔗,它很适合于我们国家的气候,使它成为理想的成分发酵,升华成美味的当地特产的精神。我们的就职批次使用100%的纯高粱糖浆从产生烂泥塘高粱厂在田纳西州纳什维尔的丘陵和诺克斯维尔之间的中途。几十年来,冈瑟家族企业一直与高粱糖浆不断增长的需求。”显然,很多人用高粱糖浆上煎饼和饼干 - 很快完全尝试!至于他们裸体饼干精神,它落入朗姆酒/龙舌兰酒的家庭,但你必须品尝它,了解口味的细微之处!而这仅仅是这个新生酒厂的第一个版本。

午盘徘徊,我们有聊天,品味,并与创始人布鲁斯Boeko游览设施的机会。他的故事很迷人- 法医科学家,音乐家,homebrewer - 至蒸馏与设计和正确地做事的热情!他以没有捷径可走,因为他和团队学习,同时支持本地农场(和设计师)尽可能从头手艺他们的精神!结果承诺的东西明显田纳西通和通。在事情变得越来越方便和类似全球的世界里,它总是看不上找到的东西,是真正的独特环境的产物。我迫不及待地品尝他们的威士忌在短短几年内(一定要有耐心,因为它的年龄!) - 但现在 - 偷看到美丽纳什维尔工艺酒厂并检查了他们裸体饼干精神下页。必威体育网站

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这篇文章是姗姗来迟!但是WOW。(正如你所看到的@NOTlabs的Instagram...)现实生活中得到了一个有点疯狂的最后两周 - 巴基,肖恩和我在车上跳下,并从洛杉矶驱车前往纳什维尔......一个全新的冒险!既然我们已经到了,我们已经把我们的手脏的新NOTCOT Nashvillle项目楼!必威体育网站在杂草丛生的丛林中可爱的纳什维尔东半英亩的可爱的小二战后平房 - 我们的一些最喜爱的景点分钟的路程,以及巨大的公园和河流如此接近!And of course, we’re also exploring and finding new inspiration all over the city - as often as we come back, there’s always more to discover and so much that has changed (even since December!) For those who keep asking - are we moving to Nashville? Probably not. Will we be back and forth between LA and Nashville more? Possibly…

总之 - 如果你愿意看到的有趣,疯狂,又费力冒险 - 到下一个页面!必威体育网站

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肖恩(+胸片架),我爱一个很好的客场之旅 - 探索新的地点,在老地方寻找新的斑点,只看到那里的道路(或土路)带我们!对于他的30岁生日,我们决定瓜分60小时我们繁忙的日程中NOTFZJ80跳,和东南亚的目标...探索我们的出路穆列塔和蒂梅丘拉的道路上躲藏在朱利安(馅饼!和自然时间一个小船舱上之间30英亩野生动物保护区的一个小山顶上!)......有一天的行程索尔顿湖和Roading的到/直通中安扎霸锐的老虎......和摆动通过雷蒙娜,波威回到家里,并沿海岸线通过圣地亚哥。



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北脸家园收藏抓住我立即与膨化面的,朦胧的图形......这是由3D插画蒂莫西J.雷诺兹。他们觉得自己带到了一个全新的高度现代化的Digi-迷彩......你会正确地融入由多边形的复古视频游戏的营地?不知何故,美国人有点发红,和英国获得绿色(和他们的帐篷自带Tentertainment系统?!?!) - 但两者都相当惊艳。发现在收集家园蒂莫西的Twittebetway groupr,我不得不了解更多!见收集的图片和详细信息,下页!必威体育网站

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有一个在未铺砌/ 4×4道的一个令人难以置信的20多英里拱门国家公园!而且它是在一个阳光明媚,积雪覆盖的冬天尤其是壮观!同样令人难以置信的 - 虽然有在主要道路包装以往观点吨的游客,我们花了几个小时的越野并采取在迷人的岩层,没有看到另一辆汽车 - 还是人!该funny thing is that we’d tried to go find some of the off roading trails around Moab, but many of them were heavily snowed in and pretty unpassable, so on the way home we figured we’d cruise through Arches quickly to get a peek at what to explore next time… but then we looked down at the map… noticed the 4x4 trails… and a few hours later we popped back out of the park! The trail put ourNOTFZJ80(和我们的驾驶技能)的测试 - 它飞驰处理。看看我们的冒险 - 如果你发现自己那个样子,我们肯定会推荐它。许多下页上的图片和视频。必威体育网站

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它今年已经相当节日。2015年一定会记得在我们生活中所有的实验室......从肖恩的野兽谁住到12.5岁,我们的巴基的NOTpuppy,和全新的迦勒!随着兽生病,家庭情况,等等 - 阿斯彭圣诞节变成了肖恩,巴基史诗3周5000+英里的客场之旅,我在NOTFZJ。我们很快从洛杉矶来到金曼,AZ到新墨西哥州,费耶特维尔,AR到纳什维尔,我们冒险回到西部稍慢之前花了一个半星期与他的家人。在回来的路上,我们从纳什维尔通过龙卷风天气在哥伦比亚,MO惊人的烧烤在堪萨斯城的反弹,投宿在伯灵顿,CO ...屏住了点心和狗公园在丹佛/博尔德圣诞节,拿出来大章克申,CO ...然后结束了在拉萨尔山脉一个微小的高舱在犹他州两晚......昨日offroading拱门国家公园令人难以置信的小径......然后到圣乔治,UT终于回家了洛杉矶。表示不快力竭和惊人的回顾一下我们一直的所有地方,我们已经看到的东西......而接下来的页面上只有必威体育网站@notlabs的Instagram强调!所以在跳,看看我们已经到下一个页面上,而我去放松和思考如何真棒2015年已经 - 作为一直非常有趣,耗尽,睁眼和发人深省这么多层次的旅程!必威体育网站

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